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    Beauty, hidden gems, and gratitude worthy value can be found in countless corners of the internet and life. Even the most popular of top 40 tunes can be stunning if given some deeper attention. This newsletter is an ode to the absurd world we live in and the beauty that often gets missed or requires searching to find or a bit of extra attention to see. You'll find a short preamble at the start of every episode of this newsletter and at the end, some of what I've been up to. If neither of those things interest you but the prospect of some interesting and odd links does, feel free to ignore those parts. I promise (pinky promise) to never send you anything that's an undoubtable waste of your time or attention. And I'm also willing to guarntee that there will be things worth truly paying attention to every week. Hop on this train with me and lets see where we end up. 🚂